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GTA5 Full Download [PC][LEAKED]!

Posted on 12. Aug, 2013 by in Games

It was leaked! And here you are a leaked GTA5 Full download PC version.

I love GTA5! You love GTA5! He/She/It loves GTA5! Everybody loves GTA5! Best game ever!!!

The rumours about a leaked PC version were true. We had got the game from a gaming magazine ex-employee. I know that many people come here and flood the comments with cries and complaints, but we don’t care. Please read this news from Nvidia. Rockstar Games, the creators of GTA, loves money, and PC is apparently where the money’s at.

Download GTA5 Full torrent

GTA5 Full download Online Gameplay

We spent a lot of hours playing the game and we are sure that this version is a RTM version of the game! That means the version we share is quasi a final version.

We are finding tons of new features. For example, the transition between switching character is short, as you switch between characters, a Google map like feature is zoom out of the current character and is transition into a static like feature and then zoom in on the character that you have chosen. This is a nice little feature and we see a lot of players using this bit a lot during their time with the game.

Oh! another thing: now we can buy pets, so if your dog is shooting or you lose it, you can buy another in the pet shop! Nice, isn’t it? (BTW I love dogs).

GTA5 Full Download

Please note that the file we are sharing here is a torrent file. We share this GTA5 Full download torrent in a private, semi-secret tracker (anonymous & untraceable). So you need to download that file and open it with your torrent client (i.e uTorrent). The final ISO file you will download from our tracker is 9,32GB. So, you need to make space in your hard drive for this.

Download GTA5 Full torrent